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We serve customers from all over the Greater Sacramento area and beyond. Since we opened in 2009, dozens of home and business owners in the region have come to love and appreciate what we have done for their gardens and outdoor spaces with our culinary gardens, edible landscapes, sustainable landscapes, hardscapes, and waterscapes.

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“When we landscaped our front yard, a friend suggested I use blueberry bushes to replace an ugly overgrown hedge we were removing from a full-sun location at our fence line. I felt a little silly asking a landscaper about this unusual idea, but I wanted to try something new. My young son loves to eat blueberries and I knew all the neighborhood kids would too – it’d be a fun way to encourage sharing.  

Brian was happy to oblige and immediately recommended some varieties that would do well in my yard. He amended the soil to support the berries, and got them all set up with drip lines. Now the bushes are beautiful and covered with tiny pink and white flowers which will become blueberries soon – and we are on our way to having a very nice hedge with a lot of young curious visitors! 

We also planted a couple pomegranate bushes and some dwarf citrus trees in other parts of the front yard – now we’re surrounded by healthy antioxidants and they look beautiful integrated into the landscape!
Thanks Brian” 

Amy, Fair Oaks